Tank and Late Game

This powerful tank and late game carry carries with it devastating weaponry which those who venture too close can expect swift destruction. In addition to 2 shield buffs, it carries a powerful Planet Cracker Nuke and a hyperjump ability, making it an extremely versatile and mobile Ship Commander. However, it tends to be a prime target for other Ship Commanders because of its massive cloaking field and extremely slow movement speed. Weak in the early game, its vital to survive and farm as much as possible until it can build up its orbital drone capacity or incredible shielding potential.

Starting Stats: 

Life: 600
Life Regeneration: 0.39
Life Armor: 2
Shields: 1000
Shield Regeneration: 5
Shield Armor: 1
Shield Regen Delay: 10
Energy: 500
Energy Regeneration: 0.69
Speed: 0.69
Acceleration: 1.37
Active Abilities:

  • Cloaking Field: Cloaks nearby allied units and structures.

  • Drone Shield: Each Orbital Drone has a chance to block incoming damage for 1 second.

Passive Abilities:

  • Anti-Matter Blast: Sends out a massive shockwave stunning all nearby units and structures

  • Flying Fortress: When activated, surrounds the Mothership with a powerful Shield which reduces all incoming damage by 50% as long as the Mothership is not moving. Lasts 30 seconds.

  • Wormhole Transit: Teleports to any location on the map. After teleporting, weapons and systems are disabled for a short time and your location is revealed to all players.

  • Planet Cracker: Unleashes a powerful energy beam into the ground damaging nearby units and structures. It is said the Planet Cracker can level entire cities.

  • Photonic Shield: The Motherships bread and butter ability. Instantly recharges lost shields and removes the shield regen delay while adding bonus shield armor. (If you have the Adaptive Shielding Augmentation, using this ability resets the 3 second duration.


  • Prismatic Beam- Deals increasingly massive damage to air and ground over time.

  • Purifier Beams- Powerful energy beams. Basic first strike.

  • Orbital Laser Drones- Drones that orbit the Mothership and automatically target nearby ground and air units. Deal small damage, but in greater numbers and with increased attack speed can prove deadly.

  • Adaptive Shielding- As long as the Mothership has not taken damage for more then 3 seconds at a given time, it is impervious to damage.

  • Power Overwhelming- The Mothership emits an aura of energy giving all nearby friendly units and Ship Commanders an additional 25% damage.

  • Reactor Overdrive- Instantly refreshes all ability cooldowns and sets energy and shield levels to 100%. (ability has a 300 second cooldown)

  • Drone Synchronization- Drone Sheild can now work simultaneously with the Orbital Laser system.

Choose one at game start. It become available at 10,000 experience.