Sabatoge / Late Game

Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of Commanders more then the thought of being assimilated. The Assimilator lacks conventional weapons of its own, but it does not need them. All that is required is a nearby enemy target and it can assimilate its weapons array into its own systems. With every Assimilation, the Assimilator becomes more powerful. It's replicator armies can wreak havoc on enemy systems and its ability to assimilate entire armies make it one of the most formidable enemies to both Ship and Base Commander alike. While weak in the early game, if allowed to build up its strength, the Assimilator can become one of the most dangerous foes in the known galaxy.

Starting Stats: 

Life: 500
Life Regeneration: 0.39
Life Armor: 1
Shields: 500
Shield Regeneration: 2
Shield Armor: 1
Shield Regen Delay: 0
Energy: 650
Energy Regeneration: 1.19
Speed: 2.81
Acceleration: 1.87
Active Abilities:

  • Domination: The Assimilator takes 60% less damage from minions and has a 10% chance to assimilate a minion when it's attacked.

Passive Abilities:


  • Assimilator Cannon- Can attack air and ground units. Can assimilate minions when Auto-Assimilation is active.

  • Collective Invasion- Collective Assault becomes a massive AOE Effecting all units in the target zone up to a radius of 15

  • Resistance is Futile- Adds max upgrade level to Assimilation range and 6 bonus upgrades to Minion Assimilation and when using assimilate weapon, damage stacks at 2%.

  • Enhanced Collective: Upgrades the Assimilators battle systems and adds +300 HP and shields and +2 armor. (Gain access to powerful new weapons and abilities at the cost of reduced movement speed.)

  • Share Technology: Shares all current Assimilator Passive and active buffs with a friendly Ship Commander for 45 seconds.

Choose one at game start. It become available at 10,000 experience.

  • Assimilate Weapon: Assimilates the target unit's weapon/s array into the Assimilators weapon systems for 30 seconds. With each use of the Assimilator gains permanent +1.5% damage until destroyed.

  • Minion Assimilation: When activated, the Assimilator Cannon has a 15% chance to assimilate minions. Once assimilated, the Assimilator retains control of the minion for 2 minutes. The Assimilator cannot regenerate energy while Auto Assimilation is active.

  • Electromagnetic Field: Activates an Electromagnetic Field which reduces incoming damage every second for 5 seconds for a total duration of 20 seconds. Taking damage before the effect expires refreshes the 5 second duration up to a maximum of 50 stacks.

  • Tractor Beam: Locks onto an enemy or friendly target and pulls it towards the Assimilator for 3 seconds. The target cannot use abilities. At the end of the tractor beam, it deals 25 shield piercing damage to the target.

  • Collective Assault: Beams borg drones aboard the target unit. After beaming aboard, the begin to assault the crew causing the target to take damage and lose armor every second for 20 seconds. If the unit falls below 30% health there is a 10% chance every second that weapons will be disabled for 2 seconds and if it falls below 15% health there is a 10% chance that abilities will also be disabled for 2 seconds.

  • Assimilate Technology: Adds all the target units buffs and 50% of its regenerative capabilities for 20 seconds. During the duration, the Assimilator gains 0.1% of the targets hp every second added as max vital. After the duration, the Assimilator gains a small percentage of the targets armor.