Tank / Support

The Lantean race was once hailed as the most powerful race in the known universe. The builders of the Stargates, also built incredible warships, the Aurora class Battlecruiser. The Aurora class battlecruiser has some of the strongest shields in the known universe. When powered properly, their shields can deflect virtually any attack. The Aurora Battlecruiser can build a network of Stargates allowing instantaneous travel from one point to another in any part of the galaxy. In addition to this incredible utility based ability, the Aurora carries with it a powerful defensive penetrating weapon, the Ancient Drone. A weapon of such destructive potential that not even the Aurora's own Lantean Field can withstand an assault against it.

Starting Stats: 

Life: 800
Life Regeneration: 0.39
Life Armor: 2
Shields: 800
Shield Regeneration: 5
Shield Armor: 2
Shield Regen Delay: none
Energy: 500
Energy Regeneration: 0.69
Speed: 1.1
Acceleration: 2
Active Abilities:

  • Ancient Shields: As long as the Auroras Shield armor is greater then or equal to damage being dealt, then no damage is dealt to Aurora.


  • Ancient Drones- Powerful mechanical drones which can pierce even the strongest of shields dealing direct damage to the Hull.

  • Pulse Turrets- General Laser Batteries, deal a small AOE damage but can miss faster moving targets


  • Replicators- Creates self replicating armor eating nano bots which can evolve and grow into their ultimate form.

  • Supergates- Gives Stargates Ancient Drones and Pulse Turrets. Further increases their HP and shields / armor.

  • Reactor Overdrive- Instantly refreshes all ability cooldowns and sets energy and shield levels to 100%. (ability has a 300 second cooldown)

  • Atlantis Shield- Increases the duration of Lantean Field by 15 seconds. During the duration, the Aurora is immobile for 15 seconds.

Choose one at game start. It become available at 10,000 experience.

  • Build Stargate: Builds a device of incredible power allowing player and allied units to instantly travel from one gate to another. Gates must be linked and can only be linked to 1 gate at a time.
  • Launch Puddle Jumpers: Powerful scout ships which can escort allied units, heal shields, and/or attack enemy units. When sent through a Stargate, Puddle Jumpers gain bonus attack speed and damage for a short duration.

  • Launch Ancient Drones: Launches 10 ancient drones to begin attacking the chosen target. Ancient Drones pierce any shield type (Except drone shield) and deal direct damage to the hull.

  • Lantean Field: Creates a powerful Shield surrounding the Aurora and nearby allied units for 5 seconds. All friendly units inside the shield are impervious to damage. Does not block enemy ancient drones.
  • Hyperdrive: Teleports the Aurora the target destination.
Passive Abilities: