Base Commanders

Base Commander

Base Commanders are the most important person on their team. Without a doubt the most intensive workload is often applied to Base Commanders. Not only do they have the power to control Super Soldiers and auto spawning minions, they can also create unstoppable base defenses, or create masses of Siege Fortresses which can obliterate the enemy team from afar. To top it off, they have the potential to create huge armies of their own and add them to the Factions auto spawning minions. Base Commanders, can move just like Ship Commanders, and have powerful abilities which can be utilized to equip Ship Commanders with powerful buffs. To successfully play Base Commander, one not only needs to be able to macro well and develop a solid economy, he/she must also take care of his/her Ship Commanders. Failure to do so, will result in death and destruction. 

Base Commander Hotkeys

Base Commanders have access to powerful hotkeys which allow them instant access to every single building type on the map. Use them to also swap between abilities and build functions.

Active Abilities

  • Scanner Sweep: Reveals a hidden area of the map and detects cloaked units for 10 seconds.
  • Emergency Shields: Surrounds a Ship Commander with a powerful shield that absorb huge amounts of damage. Casting range limit: Entire Map
  • Emergency Hull Repair: Repairs a friendly unit or structures life points. Cannot repair Oblivion Towers. If the target has a debuff, it will be removed. Casting Range: Entire Map
  • Emergency Energy: Recharges the target Ship Commander or structures energy. Casting Range: Entire Map
  • Mass Recall: Teleports all units in the AOE target zone to the Base Commander. Casting Range: Entire Map
  • Stasis Trap: Deploys a cloaked stasis trap which damages and stuns units for 1.5 seconds. Casting Range: Half of Map
  • Plasma Singularity: Creates a massive artifical star in the target zone burning and slowing everything in its AOE by 50%. Casting Range: Entire Map.
  • Lift off / Land / Move: Lifts off, lands, or moves the Base Commander for transportation. Moving closer is useful to power different defensive structures on the map or to use abilities with limited range.
  • Envision: Makes a Beam Tower a permanent detector. 

Passive Abilities

  • Healing Research Aura: The Base Commander has an aura which heals nearby units and structures and provides Ship commanders with increased research speed.
  • Energy Aura: The Base Commander has an energy aura of radius 25 which provides free power to all base structures inside the aura. Base structures outside the aura will drain Base Commander energy when they fire.

There are many powerful offensive, defensive, and support based Base Structures. Some attack the enemy directly, others are focused on defense, and then others help Ship Commanders do their job more effectively. What structures you choose to build will determine your strategy. Click here to see all Base Structures.