Tank / Map Control

The Cylons, a robotic race created by humans in a distant galaxy, once fought over dominion of their local sectory. The Cylons successfully wiped out all 12 human colonies in their galaxy after a decades long war. After hunting down the last human Battlestar, the Galactica, the Cylons are looking to expand their empire. Being one of the most feared capital ships in the Galaxy, the Basestar is capable of both long range assault, and planetary bombardment. The Cylons conquer their opponents through overwhelming numbers and through the strength of their Baseship. The only way to successfully destroy a Basestar is to penetrate its powerful Core Shield. In addition to long range fighter support, the Basestar can send Cylon Centurions to the ground, each with upgradable technology and weaponry. It's only weakness is it requires time to charge its jump drive, its only form of mobility in atmospheric combat.

Starting Stats: 

Life: 2500
Life Regeneration: 2
Life Armor: 3
Shields: Core Shield
Shield Regeneration: 5
Shield Armor: 3
Shield Regen Delay: 0
Energy: 500
Energy Regeneration: 1
Speed: 0.1
Active Abilities:

  • Core Shield: When the Basestar falls below 25% health and takes damage, a powerful 600 point shield is raised for 30 seconds protecting it from damage.

Passive Abilities:

  • Launch Raiders: Launches 10 Cylon Raider Fighters to attack the chosen target. Raiders fight to the death and will not return to the Basestar.

  • Build Centurions: Warps in 3 Centurion Warriors to the ground. Centurions can be equipped with powerful weaponry and technology researched at the Baseship.

  • Build Surtur Carrier: Surtur Carriers are powerful Cylon warships which have a compliement of 8 raider fighters. They can also lay Cylon Minefields and can research new powerful weapons and technology.

  • Logic Bomb: Infects nearby enemy targets and structures with a Cylon Computer virus disabling weapons for 15 seconds. There is also a 25% chance their abilities will also be disabled.

  • Jump Drive: The Basestars primary method of movement is its jump drive. Without the Jump Drive, the Basestars mobility is virtually non existent. The Basestar can jump anywhere that is not with 16 of an enemy target structure.

  • Laser Turrets- Rapid fire laser turrets which can attack enemies from a great distance. Targets air and ground.

  • Pulsar Beams- Powerful anti capital ship beams which deal 50 bonus damage to capital ships and structures.

  • Missile Turrets- A strong close range deterrent. Missile Turrets do not require energy to fire. They can only target air units.

  • Mobile Battlestation- The Basestar gains 5x normal movement speed and reduces energy cost of primary weapons by 50%. Lose 300 max vital HP.

  • Resurrection Ship- When Centurions or Surtur Carriers are destroyed, the are respawned at the Resurrection Ship in 150 seconds. Must be within resurrection range.

  • Basestar Evolution- Core Shield becomes a permanent passive.

  • Research Station- Centurion and Carrier technologies both gain 1 bonus research.

Choose one at game start. It become available at 10,000 experience.