Crtical Game Assets

Pay attention to these commonly missed critical game assets! You need to know what they are and what they do.

Research and Repair Center

Repair and Research Centers not only give Ship Commanders bonus research speed and heal hull damage, they also provide Base Commanders with valuable research options, like upgrading their Base Reactor! Base defenses take energy!

Base Commanders are heros too

Base Commanders move just like Ship Commanders! The Base Commander who never moves his commander is the one who loses the game for his team. The reason? Did you know Base Commanders have an energy aura that powers nearby defense structures? It's that white circle on the minimap, and its HUGE. Do your team a favor, move closer to the battle so your teammates can heal at you and so you don't waste precious energy.

Oblivion Towers: The whole object of the game!

Too many players spend all their time fighting other heros while the other team is focused on destroying the towers. It doesn't matter how many kills you have if in the end your towers are dead because once your towers are dead, you lose! Don't forget the most important object of the game. Defending your Oblivion Towers while destroying the enemies.

Yes, there is a SHIP SHOP!

Yes there is a Ship Shop, but its not what you think. This critical structure allows Ship Commanders to purchase their own cloak detectors, emergency shields, energy, and life, AND trade gas for minerals or minerals for gas. A very handy structure when that pesky gas is building up and you can't use it.

The Minion Control Tower is given to the Base Commander and allows the Base Commander to control where the auto spawning minions attack. In order to use this function, the Base Commander must research Super Soldiers. There are 6 different levels. Unlock all 6 to have the ultimate power! But be warned, if an Oblivion Tower is destroyed before you can research its corresponding minion spawn, you will lose the opportunity to Research it and use it. If Super Soldiers is your focus, research them as soon as possible and protect your Oblivion Towers at all costs to maintain minion control.

Minion Commander

Faction Abilities

Probably the most important ability in the game and absolutely vital for you and your team! Each faction has faction abilities, controlled by these faction towers. Don't worry, they can't be destroyed, but every player needs to be aware of this button in the bottom right corner of your screen. Click on it, and USE IT!