Base Killer / Tank

All Base Commanders fear the Destroyer. The ultimate in Base Destruction. There is almost never a game where a Destroyer is not present. Its powerful Siege Cannons lay waste to everything surrounding it. Stopped only by well placed stuns, and tactical fighters such as the Viper or Paradox, the Destroyer carries with it an arsenal that none can truly compare with. In addition to carrying long range air to ground siege cannons, it also houses and builds nuclear missiles which can be upgraded in range and damage. Destroyers are prime targets for faster lighter craft and are vulnerable to damage reflect towers, one of the only defenses a Base Commander has against them.

Starting Stats: 

Life: 1500
Life Regeneration: 0.39
Life Armor: 3
Shields: none
Energy: 200
Energy Regeneration: 0.56
Speed: 1.4
Acceleration: 1
Active Abilities:

Passive Abilities:

  • Siege Mode: Activates the Destroyer's Siege Cannons, capable of long range assault against enemy ground units and base structures. While Siege mode is active, the Destroyer cannot use other weapon systems and its movement speed is drastically reduced.

  • Air-Strike Mode: Activates the Destroyers Air-Strike weapon systems which fires a volley of rockets dealing AOE damage in the target zone. Movement speed slightly increased.

  • Nuclear Launch: Launches a powerful Nuclear Missile at the target zone dealing 750 damage to all units in a radius of 12. The Destroyer automatically builds nuclear missiles and can house up to 4 at a time.

  • Bombardement Scanners: Scans the target zone revealing enemy and cloaked units. Useful when Siege Cannons have been upgraded beyond the Destroyers default sight range.

  • Energy Shield: Turns the Destroyer's energy into a powerful shield capable of absorbing damage. 


  • Ablative Armor: The Destroyer's Ablative Armor converts matter into energy whenever the Destroyer takes damage.

  • Critical Strike: The Destroyer's Devastator Missiles have a 10% chance to do double damage upon impact.

  • Advanced Sensors: The Destroyer has increased sight range in siege mode and can detect incoming enemies

  • Arieal Bombardment: Doubles the range of weapons while in Air-Strike Mode and increases their projectile and attack speed.

  • Lay Waste: Triples the radius and doubles the damage of Siege Mode. Gain increased range and cuts the CD of Bombardment scanner in half.

  • Battlecruiser: The Destroyer gains access to all weapon systems simultaneously with a slight movement speed reduction.

  • Demolitions Team: Trains 3 demolitions experts that can plant nuclear charges, launch grenades, or mark targets for long range ballistic strikes.

Choose one at game start. It becomes available at 10,000 experience

  • Destroyer Gatling Cannon: General purpose gatling cannons which attack ground units and structures.

  • Serpantis Laser Batteries: General purpose laser batteries capable of attacking air and ground.

  • Devastator Missiles: AOE missiles which deal enormous damage. 

  • Hellfire missiles: Fires a volley of missiles which deal AOE damage to all air units in the target zone.

  • Siege Cannons: Long range air to ground siege cannons.