The Ancient Imperium

The Collective Dominion

The Ancient Imperium Faction specializes in research and development. Using Technology and Science they are able to equip their Ship Commanders with increased weapons, resistance, and utility upgrades. With patience and persistance the Imperium is willing to wait for their enemies to weaken while they slowly gain strength. Once they have gained sufficient strength, they can even summon a Psionic Warship of incredible power. Players playing on the Imperium should focus on building strength slowly for the late game. Faction abilities are very expensive.


Research Breakthrough: All Imperium Ship Commanders gain an automatic research upgrade choice of weapons, resistance, or utility.

Mobilization: Traps all enemy Ship Commanders in stasis, stuns all enemy minions and structures, and gives all Imperium forces 50% movement speed for 8 seconds.

Ancient Guardian: Summons a powerful Warship of incredible power for the Imperium. Can heal Oblivion Shrines, and deal devastating damage to nearby enemies. Lasts 200 seconds.

The Collective Dominion specializes in strategic command, brute strength, and military superiority. It's ability to create mass amounts of troops faster then the Imperium leads its way to swift victory. Through energy transfer, they are able to significantly boost combat damage at will and tune Ship Commanders for battle endurance. With sufficient combat experience, the Dominion can call in reinforcements and overwhelm the Imperium Forces. Players on this team should focus on early pushing and constant assault. Faction Abilites are inexpensive.


Strength of Arms: All Dominion forces immediately gain 40% additional damage and 60% energy regeneration bonus for 20 seconds.

Battle Hungry: All Dominion forces gain 12 seconds of invulnerability and any heros (including Base Commander) that are currently respawning are instantly respawned. Additionally, the respawn timer of every hero is reduced by 5 seconds.

Insurgency: Summons a powerful Dominion fleet with advanced weapons for 250 seconds. Fleet features 1 Titan Destroyer, 4 Insurgent Destroyers, and 10 Rapier Fighters.