Support / Assasin

The Gunstar was once deployed by the Star League to combat emperor Xur and the Ko-Dan Armada. A single Gunstar is considered to be a serious threat, even against an entire fleet of ships. A prototype carrying the infamous "Death Blossom" managed to single handedly destroy the entire Ko-Dan Armada. Housing a complement of laser cannons which can fire in every direction, there is no safe direction from which to approach the Gunstar. It's Particle Beams can do serious damage to capital ships, and it's Photon Bolt missiles are strong enough to penetrate even the strongest of shields. The Gunstar is superior in every way to the smaller Ship Commanders and gains bonus damage and resistance against them, but may fall short when dueling capital ships.

Starting Stats: 

Life: 1150
Life Regeneration: 0.59
Life Armor: 2
Shields: none
Energy: 400
Energy Regeneration: 0.89
Speed: 5.8
Acceleration: 0.87
Active Abilities:

Passive Abilities:

  • Photon Bolt Missile: Fires a powerful shield penetrating missile that instantly deals 100 damage to the target hull. Can penetrate the strongest of shields, even the Viper's Invulnerability Shield.

  • Death Blossom: Delivers one massive volley of laser blasts targeting all nearby enemy units and structures as the ship is propelled into a rapid spin in all directions.

  • Stardrive: Activates the Gunstar's Hyperdrive. Must be moving in the direction of desired travel. After exiting Hyperdrive, all units within a radius of 12 have their movement speed reduced by 20% and take 10% additional damage for 5 seconds.

  • Target Tracking: Locks onto all enemy Ship Commanders causing them to take 10% additional damage and reveal their location to the Gunstar and its allies for 60 seconds. 


  • Laser Cannons- The Gunstar has 3 laser cannons, a forward, aft, and ground laser cannon and can shoot in all directions.

  • Particle Beams- Powerful energy blasters which deal +50 bonus damage to Capital Ships.

  • Adamantium Plating- Deflector Plating now activates against all sources except heavy capital ship weapons. (Ragnarok Beam, Mothership Beam, Leviathan Tentacles, Basestar Pulsars, Battlestar lasers, Destroyer Devastator Missiles)

  • Heavy Payload: Launches a volley of Photon Bolt missiles to all nearby enemies within a radius of 14

  • Assasination: The Gunstar deals 20% additional damage when Target Tracking is active and is cloaked.

  • Fleet Support: Gives 20% damage reduction to nearby air units. Effect is amplifed with upgrades to Deflector Plating or Air Superiority. 

Choose one at game start. It become available at 10,000 experience.

  • Fighter Superiority: The Gunstar deals 30% more damage to smaller Ship Commanders (Viper, Paradox, Assimilator, Liberator, Gunstar, Xenomorph)

  • Deflector Plating: The Gunstar's Deflector Plating has a 30% chance to cancel incoming damage caused by air minions and smaller Ship Commanders (Viper, Paradox, Assimilator, Liberator, Gunstar, Xenomorph)

  • Self Repair Systems: While not moving, the Gunstar gains 300% increased HP regeneration, 50% energy regeneration, and 10% cooldown reduction. (Does not stack with base commander repair auras)