Baseship Commanders is a highly complex and unique MOD which blends the elements of a MOBA and a Tower Defense into one epic mashup. Leaving out the "Secret Item Knowledge" Baseship Commanders focuses on "fast paced action" and "instant accesibility" to its heros unique playstyles. Command a powerful warship or experience the might of the Base Commander and destroy the enemy team in a 6v6 epic battle! 

Experience Baseship Commanders for free on Blizzards service!

"It's like Leauge of Legends but with spaceships and its actually good!" -Bubblebass


Love it! Has come a very long way and it has paid off. This is an excellent mod combo. Great scaling, match making, couldn’t ask for any better. Except maybe more heros, but that’s a given always. – SGT

Really intricate moba with a focus on sci-fi base building as well as hero control. Overall, just a really fun game. - CMOS

Game is quite well balanced and is being updated regularly, the creator listens to suggestions and the game is very fun. - TimpSlap

"Solid twist on the MOBA game type. Highly complex but with a very reasonable learning curve for the "heros". Highly recommended" -- Mavia

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Don't have Starcraft 2? no problem! Baseship Commanders is in Blizzard's free Arcade system! Simply go to this link download the game and get a account and Battle tag!            ------>>>>>>    Starcraft 2 Starter Edition    <<<<<<<<<-----------