Liberator (Transformer)

Tank / DPS / Support

The Transformer is the ultimate ascension of the Liberator. Reaching new heights, the Liberator ascends into a powerful Battlecruiser. Featuring its primary weapon, the Punisher Cannon, it can lay waste to anything in its path. In order to become the Transformer, it was necessary to sacrifice many of its utility based abilities, including Deflection Barrier, ZPM, Mobile Shield Generator, and Quantum Entaglement. But in its place, it gains new offensive abilities, weapons, and a beefy hull which can make up the difference.

Starting Stats: 

Life: 2200
Life Regeneration: 0.39
Repair Bot Heal Rate: 1
Life Armor: 4
Shields: none
Energy: 300
Energy Regeneration: 0.39
Speed: 1.3
Acceleration: 1
Active Abilities:

Passive Abilities:

  • Repair Bots: The Liberator repair bots have a range 8 aura which heals nearby mechanical units. Repair bots can be upgraded and increased in quantiy.

  • Weapon Overcharge: Increases all Liberator weapons attack speed by 60%.

  • Reinforced Hull: Adds +12 armor and increased hull regeneration for 20 seconds. While active, all weapons are disabled.

  • Disruption Field: Creates a magnetic disruption field in the target zone causing all enemy units to take an additional 5 damage per hit and have their shield and hull armor reduced by 3.


  • Cyclone Laser Batteries: Short range laser burst cannons which deal medium damage.
  • Punisher Cannon: Powerful Aoe Cannon which deals 45 damage per blast in the target zone. Drains 2 energy per blast.
  • Disruption Cannon- A long range Air to Ground plasma blast which temporarily disables base structures for 3 seconds. Deals 10 armor piercing damage.

  • The Transformer is the Augmentation from the Liberator.

Choose one at game start. It become available at 10,000 experience.

  • Absorption Armor: The Liberator/Transformer takes 25% less damage from energy based attacks and converts the damage into energy.