Healer / Support

While appearing weak from the outside, and containing few offensive weapons, the Liberator can make even the weakest of vessels into mighty war machines. The Liberator is capable of instantly turning the tide of a battle. In addition to mechanical repair bots, the Liberator can instantly refresh a units cooldown abilities, or raise a powerful defensive force field capable of deflecting the strongest of bombardments. It's Enhanced Targeting ability can make any Ship Commander into a temporary artillery unit. Few armadas have survived without the healing support of a Liberator nearby, and if needed, the Liberator can swap its role into the ultimate war machine, the Transformer. Don't let its appearance fool you.

Starting Stats: 

Life: 1000
Life Regeneration: 0
Repair Bot Heal Rate: 1
Life Armor: 0
Shields: none
Energy: 500
Energy Regeneration: 0.6
Speed: 2
Acceleration: 2
Active Abilities:

Passive Abilities:

  • Repair Bots: The Liberator repair bots have a range 8 aura which heals nearby mechanical units. Repair bots can be upgraded and increased in quantity.

  • Deflection Barrier: Makes the target unit immune to all negative buff effects and spells for 20 seconds.

  • Enhanced Targeting: Gives the target unit +3 range to its weapon systems and gives it an additional 25% damage for 30 seconds.

  • Zero Point Module: Instantly restores the target units energy to 100% and refreshes all ability cooldowns.

  • Mobile Shield Generator: Raises a powerful Force Field reducing all incoming damage by 5 and adding +3 to hull and shield armor to all allied units inside the field. Allied units inside the field also have their shields recharged rapidly.

  • Quantum Entaglement: Instantly teleports all allied Ship Commanders to the Liberator giving them a protective shield and stunning all enemy Ship Commanders for 5 seconds.


  • Autocannon- A medium range and damage basic weapon. Can attack air and ground.
  • Deflector Cannon- A long range air siege weapon which pushes back enemies upon impact. Deals 20 damage per blast.
  • Disruption Cannon- A long range Air to Ground plasma blast which temporarily disables base structures for 3 seconds. Deals 10 armor piercing damage.

  • Absorption Aura- Emits an aura to nearby friendly units reducing energy based attacks by 25% and converting it into energy and reducing current ability cooldowns.

  • Impenatrable: Mobile Shield Generator becomes a permanent passive at the cost of reduced weapon systems and 20% movement speed. (Weapon attack speed cut in half)

  • Transformer: Transforms the Liberator into a tank like war machine with offensive weapons and abilities! (See Transformer page for more info)

  • Fleet Armament- Equips all nearby allied Ship Commanders with Enhanced Targeting for 30 seconds.

Choose one at game start. It become available at 10,000 experience.

  • None: