Support / Map Control

The Obsidian's Psionic connection to higher planes of existence has allowed it to see beyond the confines of our mortal plane. With its thoughts, it can electrify those who are foolish enough to come near its grasp. Others who venture too close to the Obsidian find themselves confused and lose touch with reality. Within moments they find themselves in new surroundings. The Obsidian cannot only take control of other Ship Commanders and minions, it can psionically enhance any evolutionary or technologal advancement, creating a "Super Minion" with enourmous power. The larger the armies that surround the Obsidian, the stronger it becomes. It's only weakness is isolation. An isolated Obsidian is easy prey for any Ship Commander wise enough to seperate it from the pack.

Starting Stats: 

Life: 400
Life Regeneration: 2
Life Armor: 2
Shields: 700
Shield Regeneration: 5
Shield Armor: 2
Shield Regen Delay: 8
Energy: 400
Energy Regeneration: 0.8
Speed: 2.5
Active Abilities:

  • Psionic Hunger: For each friendly non hero unit within a radius of 14, the Obsidian gains 1% bonus damage, 0.4% bonus life, and 0.05 bonus armor.

Passive Abilities:

  • Neurogenic Field: All nearby friendly minions gain 40% bonus damage and 25% bonus armor and life/shields.

  • Psionic Enhancement: Infuses the friendly target with genetic enhancements giving it 100% bonus damage, life, and armor. If the minion is computer controlled, the Obsidian gains control of the unit.

  • Hybrid Reckoning: Doubles the number of auto spawning minions in the lane the Obsidian currently occupies for 100 seconds.

  • Cobalt Bomb: Launches a high powered energy mass at the chosen target which, after manual or automatic detonation, deals up to 125 damage to the surrounding area.

  • Mind Control: Takes control of all enemy units inside the target zone for 6 seconds. While mind controlled the units are invulnerable. After returning to the original owner they are invulnerable for 1.5 seconds.

  • Telekinesis- Attacks the target area and all units inside the radius of 5 with its mind dealing massive damage.

  • Psionic Shock- Telekinesis does increased damage and has a 20% chance to stun enemies and a 15% chance to stun enemies when attacked.

  • Insatiable Hunger- Psionic Hunger now stacks with all unit types including friendly and enemy structures, heros, and minions.

  • Hybrid Apocalypse- Hybrid Reckoning now activates in all 3 lanes.

  • Hive Mind- Friendly minions under Neurogenic Field are now invulnerable. Damage they would normally take is transferred to the Obsidian but limited to 1.5 damage points per impact.

Choose one at game start. It become available at 10,000 experience.