Harrasement / Late Game

The space time continuum belongs to the Paradox. Equally difficult to escape as it is to destroy, the Paradox can appear out of thin air through teleportation to begin its assault on unsuspecting victims. The Paradox is equipped with the ultimate in weapon diversification capable of dealing rapid burst damage at close range, medium sniper damage at long range, and heavy AOE damage with a devastating Charged Blast. The Paradox can fire on the move and slow down time for its enemies while speeding up time for its allies. As a time warping ship it is capable of bending space time to its will and haulting its death at a moments notice. Yet with all of its powers over time, it is vulnerable to stuns and solid base defense.

Starting Stats: 

Life: 400
Life Regeneration: 0.39
Life Armor: 2
Shields: 350
Shield Regeneration: 4
Shield Armor: 0
Shield Regen Delay: 0
Energy: 400
Energy Regeneration: 0.6
Speed: 3.75
Acceleration: 1.37
Active Abilities:

Passive Abilities:

  • Teleport: Teleports the Paradox to a nearby location stunning and damaging nearby enemies.

  • Temporal Displacement Field: Creates a Timewarp bubble. Inside the bubble time is slowed down for all enemy units by 60%.

  • Activate Shock Lasers: Activates the Paradox Shock Lasers. Only 1 weapon system can be active at a time unless you unlock Synchronized Reactor.

  • Activate Shock Cannons: Activates the Paradox Shock Shock. Only 1 weapon system can be active at a time unless you unlock Synchronized Reactor.

  • Activate Charged Blast: Activates the Paradox Charged Blast. Only 1 weapon system can be active at a time unless you unlock Synchronized Reactor.


  • Shock Lasers: Rapid fire short range lasers. The bread and butter of the Paradox.

  • Shock Cannons- Long range Laser Cannons which deal increased damage but drain 5 energy per blast. Ignores 50% of its target's armor.

  • Charged Blast- Powers up the Paradox shock lasers and cannons into a single AOE Blast dealing 150 damage to the target and surrounding units. While active movement speed is reduced. 25 energy per blast.

  • Temporal Distortion- Temporal Displacement field now speeds up time for you and your allies in addition to slowing time down for the enemy.

  • Sychronized Reactor- Charged Blast can fire simultaneously with Shock Lasers or Cannons. Charged Blast energy cost reduced by 5. Movement speed penalty removed.

  • Temporal Incursion- Rupture the space time continuum whenever Timewarp is used and cause a massive nuclear explosion damaging all units in the area. Activate it manually or let it go off on its own. 

  • Temporal Shielding- Accelerated Shielding is now always active as long as the Paradox has at least 150 energy. Protects the Paradox every 6 seconds  by blocing first strike damage.

Choose one at game start. It become available at 10,000 experience.

  • Timewarp: After recieving fatal damage, the Paradox releases quantum energy restoring an earlier version of itself with 50% Life, Shields, and 10% energy. Must have at least 150 energy to activate. After being restored, it is given a protective shield for 4 seconds reducing incoming damage. Timewarp has a 300 second cooldown.

  • Accelerated Armor: As long as the Paradox is moving, it gains 40% damage reduction from all incoming sources.