Patch Notes / Game History

 8 Month Patch Note History


-X void rays weapon ranged reduced from 10 to 8.



-Worked on map optimization to decrease lag issues. Please contact me if lag persists.

-Both Base Commanders now add 400 total team influence per hero kill.

(Was 500 for dominion and 250 for Imperium) Resources split among Ships as before. Minion kills also split bounty awards to ships.


-New Game Mechanic: Mineral Overflow

In the past, when Base Commander units killed towers or other units (not heros) no

 money was awarded to the team thereby losing the potential income rewards with

  Base Commander push. With Mineral Overflow, whenever the Base Commander

kills a minion or structure, a % of the bounty is added into an overflow which is

 given to the teams Ship Commanders every 15 minutes.



-Magnetron Enhancer now cloaks Cylon mines and adds +20 damage in addition to

 the range upgrades.

-Reworked some of the terrain on the bottom of the map for uniformity.



Introducing the Cylon Basestar from Battlestar Galactica!

-Launch Cylon Fighter waves from the safety of a great distance.

-Spawn Centurion Warriors to the ground which can engage in up close and ranged combat with advanced weapons and upgradable technology.

-Build Surtur Carriers, powerful intercept Carriers that can lay Cylon Minefields and have upgradable technology.

-Disrupt enemy targets with a Cylon Computer Virus disabling weapons and abilities.

-Warp Jump around the map and make your presence known!

-Play the game to see full details!

-Custom model by ZombieZasz



-Mothership Life increased from 500 to 600.

-Mothership starting Shield armor increased from 1 to 2.

-Mothership Orbital laser energy cost reduced from 60 to 50.

-Mothership Photonic Shield duration increased from 12 to 15 seconds.

-New Mothership Passive ability: Drone Shield- each orbital drone has a 5% chance to block incoming damage for 1 second.

-Gunstar Deflector/Adamantium Plating now works against Battlestar Fighters.

-Gunstar Particle Beam range increased from 10 to 12.

-Particle Beam damage attribute bonus massive and mechanical increased from 30

 to 40. Speed increased from 2 seconds to 1.8 per attack.

-Gunstar Stardrive energy cost reduced from 100 to 80.

-Gunstar Photon Bolt Missile now does an additional 50 dmg to targets with no shields.

-Ragnarok Degen Aura radius increased from 12 to 13.

-Ragnarok Degen Aura effect increased from 20% to 25% speed reduction for

 enemy targets.

-Degen Aura upgrade cost reduced slightly.

-Ragnarok X-Void rays weapon range increased from 6 to 10.

-Battlestar starting movement speed reduced from 3 to 2.8.

-Liberator ZPM CD increased from 300 to 350.



When using Assimilate Technology, once a player passes 1,000 max vital on

 shield or health the next time he uses the ability, it will be capped permanently

 until he dies. (Purchasing max vital upgrades still works)


Xenomorph Hive build xeno build time has been reduced from 7 to 4 per

 upgrade, resulting in a 30 second duration nerf per egg at max upgrade.



-Battlestar Hypersonic Hanger is now a Toggle ability instead of a permanent passive.

-While Toggled on, Battlestar’s movement speed is reducd by 50%.

-Hypersonic Hanger Toggle has a 45 second CD and 35 energy cost to activate.

-Radar Jammers are temporarily disabled to explore latency issues.



Assimilates all the target units positive buffs and regenerative properties for 20


While assimilation is active, the Assimilator gains a permanent 0.1% of the

targets max shields and health every second and 50% of its regenerative

capabilities. At the end of the duration, the Assimilator gains a permanent 8% of

 the targets

 hull and shield armor. Stacked bonus armor cannot exceed 6.5.

Dying reset to its default life/armor + any upgrades. Cannot Assimilate Oblivion


Balance Changes:


Auto Turrets

-life changed from 500 to 600

-life regen changed from 0 to 20.

-cost reduced from 100 and 50 to 50 and 25.

-Cooldown changed from 30 seconds to 10.

-On further consideration I have decided to only scale damage with the Ships primary weapon upgrade.



-Decoys life has been increased from 5000 to 7500

-Regen increased from 4 to 20.


-Obliterator Turret limit decreased from 4 to 3.

-Research time for Obliterator turret has been doubled.


-Damage Reflect Towers are now limited to 40 per base commander.

-CD increased from 8 to 12 seconds.


-Base armor damage and range upgrades all limited to level 14.

-Spartan Company Goliaith Minions damage has been reduced from 22 to 10.

Fixed an issue with players being able to double tap faction abilities and use them twice.



-Teams are now always setup in the lobby. When Base Commanders are being

used, players can change their team using the “role choice”.

-When Random or ships only modes are used, team setup is done by having the host move a player to one side or the other.


-Ships only game modes now feature a completely disabled Base Commander.

-Shared Commander, a new game mode, now shares base commander control with teammates.




Introducing a ton of new shop items for you to purchase!



Decoy- Decoys draw enemy fire away from Ship Commanders, including Obliterator


Stasis Traps- Ship Commanders can move them into position and then activate them

 until an unsuspecting victim falls into it and gets stunned.

Repair Cruiser- A small repair ship which heals mechanical and biological units.

Auto-Turret- An aerial drone once activated stays in position and attacks nearby




Critical Hull- Gain +400 max health for 5 minutes.

Critical Shields- Gain +400 Shields for 5 minutes.

Critical Damage- Gain 35% increased damage for 5 minutes.

Critical Experience- Gain 50% increased experience for 5 minutes.

Reactor Core- Gain double energy regeneration for 5 minutes.

Engine Core- Gain 50% Increased movement speed for 2.5 minutes.



-Destroyer Power Transfer Augmentation has been replaced with Arieal

 Bombardment, a powerful new Augmentation which doubles the range of

 the Destroyers Hellfire missiles while in Air Strike Mode and increases their projectile

 speed. While active, its movement speed is drastically reduced.


-Paradox Temporal Incursion casting time increased from 3 to 4 seconds.

-Once activated, the Paradox cannot use Teleport until after the Incursion has taken place.



-Xenomorphs Hive Ability Spawn Creep Tumor is now a 60 second CD instead of

a charge count.



-Mothership Shield Regeneration Changes: After getting 10 shield regeneration upgrades, future upgrades past level 10 add

 +2 instead of +1 to shield regen.

-Mothership Starting Shield Armor increased from 0 to 1.

-Using Photonic Shield with Adaptive Shielding, now resets the Adaptive

 shielding duration.



-Assimilator Technology maximum buff stack reduced from 40 to 25.

-Assimilator Weapon damage maximum buff stack reduced from 40 to 25.

-Assimilator heals significantly less health after Assimilate Technology expires.

-Xenomorph Creep now gives Xenomorphs 25% increased attack speed and increased HP regeneration.



-Mothership Shield Regeneration Delay decreased from 10 to 8. Super Shield Regen upgrade becomes available after 7 upgrades.



Enhanced Collective’s Transwarp drive ability can now be used on all allied minions.



Balance Changes:

In addition to working against mechanical and psionic units, Evolved Facehuggers

 now has a 25% chance per egg to release a Xenomorph Flyer which has 2 inherited

 weapons from the Xenomorph Ship Commander.

-Mothership Adapative Shielding Augmentation duration increased from 2 to 3 seconds.


-Viper Invulnerability Shield capped at 8 upgrades.

-Xenomorph Adult Xeno cap increased from 50 to 60. (Hives only)

-No limit when using Facehuggers

-There is no longer a warning when your limit has been reached but larva will still

 be produced and will lie dormant until they can morph.



-New Siege Fortress limit: 4 per Base Commander

-New Missile Silo Limit: 10 Per Commander

(no limit on Anti missile silos)

-New Obliterator Turret Limit: 4 per Base Commander

-New Fighter Hanger Limit: 15 Per Base Commander



The Kill and Bounty system has been redesigned.

Mineral and Vespene rewards for hero kills no longer increases with game duration.

-All Heros start the game with a default bounty of 200 minerals and 50 gas.

-For each kill a hero makes his/her bounty increases by 60 min and 10 gas.

-For each death a hero has, his/her bounty decreases by 60 min and 10 gas.

-When a hero makes 3 consecutive kills without dying, his bounty will increase by

 the standard 60/20 and an additional 200 for the killing spree.

-After a killing spree has been ended, the bounty will go back down 60/20 and an

 additional 200.

-A players bounty can never fall below 100 minerals. However, if a player has a long

 death streak, his/her bounty will take longer to increase

-When the base commander or minions kill a hero with a large bounty, the bounty

 is split evenly between players on the killing team and the killing spree is broken.

-Hero’s with long death streaks will not be worth a lot of money to the killing player

 and this should discourage feeding while the player with a killing spree will be worth a lot of money.

-The IN GAME KILLBOARD should display properly the exact amount of money each hero is worth if killed.



-Dominion Fleet speed has been increased by 1/3.

-Added a warning ping revealing the approximate location of Siege Fortresses.

 Warning ping will still fire even when Siege Fortress is radar jammed, but the unit

 will not be targetable or visible until a unit reveals the jammer.

-Temporal Distortion Augmentation has been buffed and now adds 3 bonus

 upgrades to temporal displacement field in addition to the other effect.



-Adult Xeno damage reduced from 20 to 15.

-Adult Xeno damage upgrade decreased from 2 to 1.25 per upgrade.

-Fixed an issue with the Assimilator Domination not working properly with Adult Xenos


Insurgency has been redesigned:


Double Minion spawn has been replaced with Insurgent Fleet:


When activated, summons and advanced fleet of Battlecruisers and Fighters for 250 seconds which consist of:


1 Titan Destroyer- With a long range siege cannon that deals 75 damage in a AOE.

4 Insurgent Destroyers: with Yamato Cannon that deals 200 damage.

10 Rapier Fighters with: cloaking technology


Fleet Aspects:

a.)            Fleet Destroyers cannot be attacked if frozen using mobilization.

b.)            Fleet Destroyers cannot be assimilated using domination or minion assimilation.

c.)            Insurgent Destroyers and Rapiers have shields with regen.

d.)            All ships are upgradable by upgrading base defense and armor.

e.)            Killing the Dominion fleet is similar in monetary value as killing the Ancient Guardian.

f.)            New Faction Ability cost increased to 25k from 16k.

g.)            After 250 seconds all remaining ships will depart the map.


-If the Imperium uses Mobilization, the Dominion can now use Battle Hungry in

 response even while Mobilization is active.



Balance Changes:

-Xenomorph Hives can be targeted by Base Commander Ion Cannons disabling egg production.

-Radar Jammers can be built on creep next to Hives to hide them from being targeting.

-Fixed an exploit of Ancient Guardian.


Balance Changes:

-Advanced Sensors has been removed from the Destroyer.


New Base Commander Structure: Radar Jammer.

Radar Jammers, once built, emit a 12 range aura which blocks all minimap and in

 game vision, (including scanner sweeps) of the units inside the aura. Units inside

 the Aura can only be revealed by bringing a unit (or projectile) to within range 16 of

 any radar jammed unit or structure. Using an Ion cannon on a Radar Jammer will

disrupt the aura effect.


New Base Defense abilities on beam towers, flak cannons, obliterator turrets, and quantum laser drills:

Hold weapons- Allows you to deactivate weapons useful when low on energy.

Weapons free- Turn weapon systems back on.


-Ion Missiles no longer effect structures.


-Ion Missile CD increased from 15 to 30. Upgrading Ion Missiles no longer increases radius. Ion Upgrades capped at level 14.


Introducing the new Ship Commander: Xenomorph!


A powerful alien creature with permanent cloaking and the ability to lay

Hive structures around the map which spawn alien minions.


Some abilities include:


Spawn Facehuggers- Releases a swarm of Facehuggers to nearby biological units

 implanting them with eggs which hatch and kill their host in 3 seconds. After

 hatching, a Xenomorph minion is released.


Rage- Send the Xenomorph into a fury doubling its movement, attack speed, and

 armor for 10 seconds.


Corrosive Blood- When attacked below 30% health, the Xenomorph releases an

 explosion of corrosive acid blood to nearby enemy units every second.


Stealth Field- The Xenomorph is permanently cloaked unless attacking or using abilities.


AND MORE! Play to find out...


Unlock your true potential with Genetic Adaptation, making Corrosive Blood spray

 out continually to nearby enemies, OR unleash the Ultimate Warrior, the

 Xenomorph Queen and reign death and destruction upon the enemy Base




Mercenary Units now have special abilities and BUFFS.



New Passive gives it 80% damage reduction from most minions making it a useful

 anti minion unit.



Barrage has a range up to 30 making it useful for sieging and the Odin has a Shield it can raise in emergencies.


Siege Breakers- Siege range and vision has been increased to 16.


Artanis Mothership- Now has Repulsor Shield. Creates a massive Impenetrable

 Shield which prevents all enemy units and projectiles outside the field from

 entering for 30 seconds.




-Stasis Traps have been replaced with ION Missiles. Ion Missile strikes deal 100

 damage with a radius of 4 and can be used up to a range of 100 from the Base

 Commander. Ion Missiles must be manually targeted and have a cooldown of 20

 seconds with energy cost per launch.



-Added Neutral Units available for jungling throughout the map.

-Neutral Units will not attack auto spawning minions



-Damage bonus decreased from +1 to 1.5% for every assimilate weapon instance.

-HP And shield bonus decreased from +75 to +50 for every instance of technology assimilate. Added +0.25 armor bonus per stack.


-All stacks limited to 40 stacks.



-Whenever Pulse Cannon is activated, the Viper gains +3 range to all weapons.

-Pulse Cannon Overcharge duration remains at 15 seconds and operates as normal.


Game Modes Modification:

-Resource injections decreased for all game modes.

-Easy mode unlocks ship augments at 10k experience

-Normal mode at 12k

-Hard mode at 14k


Assimilator Redesigns:

-Collective Assimilation has been removed and replaced with Electromagnetic Field.

-Electromagnetic Field is now an active ability with a 30 second duration and 75

 second cooldown.


-Each time Assimilate weapon is used the Assimilator gains a +1 bonus to damage as

 long as it doesn’t die. If killed, the Assimilator damage will return to default levels +

 any upgrades.

-Each time Assimilate Technology is used the Assimilator gains +75 life and shields

 as long as it doesn’t die. If Killed, the Assimilator’s default life and shields will return to default levels + any upgrades.


NEW AUGMENTATION: Enhanced Collective gives the Assimilator an additional

 300 life and shields and +2 armor and it gains access to the Disruption Beam and Transwarp Drive.

Transwarp Drive: Teleports the Assmilator to an assimilated unit or minion.

Disruption Beam has a 15% chance to disable a targets weapon systems for 5



Paradox Nerf:

Temporal Incursion Augmentation now has a 3 second casting time.



-Added a Random Hero option for players in All pick game modes.



Assimilator BUFFS:

-When using Assimilate weapon on a Paradox or Battlestar, the Assimilator now

gains the Fighter Redirect or the Lock on Target abilities.


Battlestar Carrier change:

-When the Tactical Strike Station is achieved, a short 9 second transformation

period occurs and the model size is slightly increased after transformation


Assimilator has been redesigned.

-Duplicate has been removed and replaced with Assimilate Technology.


-Assimilate Technology adds all active and passive buffs from the Target unit and

 adds 20% of the targets max hp and shields to the Assimilator for 20 seconds.


-Assimilate Technology is upgradable. With each upgrade, the duration is

 increased by 5 seconds and the potency of any positive buff effects is increased.

 (If a buff is not upgradable by default, its potency or duration will not be

 increased and it will end at its default value.)


-Assimilate Technology cannot be used while the Assimilator has an actively

 assimilated technology. (I.E. in cases when a Base Commander uses Quantum

 Overcharge to reduce CD)


-Assimilate Technology can be used in conjunction with Assimilate weapon or

 Minion Assimilation, however minion assimilation and weapon assimilation

 restrictions still apply.


-Upgrades to Assimilate weapon now upgrade primary weapon damage.

-Auto Assimilation has been renamed to Minion Assimilation.


-Upgrading Minion Assimilation increases the Assimilators primary weapon

 chance to assimilate minions by 5% and increases Dominations chance to

 assimilate minions by 8%.


-Mass Duplication Augmentation has been replaced with “Resistance is Futile”.

 Gain Max level to Assimilation Range and 3 bonus upgrades to Minion





-Mothership Orbital laser upgrades slightly increased.

-Mothership primary weapon upgrades slightly decreased.

-When using the Battlestar Hold Fighters ability, it now doubles the Hull

Regeneration rate of the Battlestar and adds +2 bonus armor. When deactivated,

hull regen returns to default.

-Obliterator Turrets always drain Base Commander energy regardless of energy




Base Commander Redesign:

-Base Commanders now have a new unit called “Base Builders”

-Base Builders are now responsible for building all Base Commander Structures but

 now have limited build range and must be close to the target area to build.

-Base Commanders must still use energy aura to power structures and have same


-Each Base Commander can have a maximum of 3 Base Builders at a time and are

 built from the Base Commander.

-Base Builders will make viable targets for enemy players giving each team a chance

 to shut down structure production.

-Certain structures share a cooldown between all 3 base builders. Mineral Factories,

 Automated Refineries, and Obliterator Turrets.

-Quantum Overcharge WILL NOT WORK with Mineral Factory, Gas Geyser, or

Obliterator Turret cooldowns.


-Faction Ability Mobilization duration increased from 15 to 16 seconds.

-Faction Ability Mobilization Time Scale increased from 75% to 100%


-Fixed Leviathan Tentacle range attack weapon range display. Was displayed


-Please report any bugs to thank you!



-Ragnarok Fusion Cannon disabled while Siege Missiles are active.

-Pulse Cannon Overcharge CD decreased from 120 to 100

-Pulse Cannon Overcharge Energy Cost reduced from 120 to 100

-Pulse Cannon Overcharge: Added a +3 range bonus when active.



-Liberator Repair Bot size has been doubled to make them easier to target.

-Range of Repair bot from Liberator increased to make them easier to target.

-Repair bot build rate increased from 7.5 to 10 seconds.

-Repair bot upgrade cap is now at level 8.

-Repair bot upgrade cost slightly increased with each upgrade.

-Fixed a bug that prevented Fighter Hangers from working properly.


-Ability Counters button has been replaced with Hero Counters.

-Hero counters shows a complete list for every Ship Commander in the game and which heroes that ship is strong VS and Weak Vs.

-Please keep in mind these are not absolutes but are generalities. Generalities

 depend upon skill, knowledge experience and teamwork (Overall Performance of your allies).



-Players Should no longer be able to control Auto-Spawning minions in Ships only game modes.



-Ragnarok Fusion Cannon range increased back to 12.

-Upgrades to Hull Capacity and Shield Capacity also increase Ragnarok Armada

 Capacity. Upgrade costs slightly increased to accomdate for this change.

-Upgrade to Ragnarok Quantum cloak increased from 5 to 10 seconds.



-Ragnarok Enhanced Armada cap limit increased from 12 to 18.

-Ragnarok Armada ships movement speed have all been buffed.

-X-Carriers Build fighters faster.

-Health of all Armada Ships has been nerfed and returned to default.

X-Tempests range reduced from 15 to 12 and damage reduced vs lighter ships.

-When the Ragnarok is destroyed, all Armada ships are also destroyed.

Ragnarok Fusion Cannon range reduced from 12 to 10.

-Gunstar’s Death Blossom upgrade cap has been reduced from 15 to 6.

-Death Blossom will know deactivate with Mothership, Paradox, and Assimilator Stun abilities.

-Death Blossom Cooldown will not be refreshing while Death Blossom is active



-Hero selection screen shows difficulty level of each hero. Difficulty Levels are as follows:


Destroyer- Easy

Battlestar- Easy

Liberator- Easy

Paradox- Medium

Gunstar- Medium

Leviathan- Medium

Ragnarok- Medium

Viper- Hard

Mothership- Hard

Assimilator- Elite


Introducing the new Ship Commander: Ragnarok!



-A Powerful energy beam that deals huge damage in a straight line to everything

 in its path. (The Capital Ship Killer, AKA: Obliteration Beam)

-Long range anti-air siege missiles capable of attacking from a great distance.

-An anti-gravity aura slowing nearby enemy units movement and attack speed.

-A Quantum Cloaking drive rendering the Ragnarok undetectable even to detectors

 for 30 seconds.

-Can warp in a small armada of protoss ships with reinforced hull and shield


-Play the game to see more abilities!



-Gain powerful damage potential with Fusion Reactor Focus! Gain 2% increased damage every 10 energy points starting at 110 energy.

-Overcharge the Ragnarok’s Shield Generator and rapidly recharge its shield

 reserves. Great for tanking and following combat.

-Improve your fleet with improved ships and a bigger ship cap using Enhanced Fleet.



-Base Commander Base Defense Range Capped at level 15.


Liberator NERFS:


-Absorption Armor passive buff has been removed from the Liberator.


-Absorption Aura remains one of the Augment choices and has a slight increase to CD reduction when attacked.


-Absorption Armor is still present on the Transformer Augmentation with upgrades available.


-You cannot upgrade Absorption Armor/Aura until you achieve either Transformer Augmentation or Absorption Aura.


-The Impenetrable Augmentation now reduces the Liberators movement speed

 by 15%.


-Liberator default armor reduced from 2 to 1.

-Mobile Shield Generator Upgrades now cap at 8.

-Absorption Armor/Aura Upgrades now cap at 8.



Hero Choice Interface has been redesigned:


-When selecting Heros/Roles in All Pick game modes new graphics, and detailed

 information is now visible when viewing heros.


-Game notifies all players of current game mode at game start.


-Renamed Paradox Accelerated Armor to Accelerated Shielding. Ability remains the






-Fixed a Gunstar bug where Gunstar kept spinning even after Death Blossom was



-Upgrades to Death Blossom now only reduced Death Blossom CD by 2 seconds’

instead of 10.



Gunstar Tweaks:


-Fixed a Gunstar bug where Gunstar kept spinning even after Death Blossom was



-Upgrades to Death Blossom now only reduced Death Blossom CD by 2 seconds’

instead of 10.



Liberator Changes:

-Enhanced Targeting upgrade now increases the CD by 8 seconds each upgrade.

-Transformer no longer has Enhanced Targeting

-Punisher Cannon drains 2 energy per blast.

-Transformer has new ability, Reinforced Hull: Gives a +12 armor bonus with all weapons deactivated for 20 seconds and increases hp regen.


-Dominion Double minion spawn time reduced from 350 to 300 game time seconds.

-Cooldown increased from 400 to 500.


-Liberator HP and movement speed reduced

-Deflector Cannon is now an active ability which lasts 30 seconds with a cooldown.

-Zero Point Module now ONLY restores unit to 100% energy and cooldowns.

-Camera zoom levels are now permanently fixed at a distance of 58 after the game


-You will no longer be able to zoom the camera in or out, but it should not get

affected during game play.

-If there is a camera glitch, typing –zoom out should still address the problem.

-WEBSITE UPDATED: New Ships info posted online! One new ship = 2 new ships with Augmentation.