Base Killer / Support

The advanced Raptor Fighter carries the most diverse arsenal of any Ship Commander, 5 unique Weapon systems! Being able to transform between Fighter mode and Assault mode, the Raptor can bring devastation to both sky and ground. Formerly a mercenary ship which was used primarily for profit, the Raptor has been recruited by both Dominion and Imperium forces to take advantage of its unique combat capabilities. While in Fighter Mode, the Raptor is one of the fastest attack craft compared to other Ship Commanders, and its hypersonic armor deflects incoming damage at top speed. When ready, the Raptor transforms into Assault Mode, to unleash its full fury of Incendiary Missiles, Napalm Bombs and Hellstorm laser batteries. While the Destroyer may have range, the Raptor has the firepower to annihilate even the strongest base defenses and come away unscathed due to its powerful anti-base defense armor.

Starting Stats: 

Life: 750
Life Regeneration: 0.38
Life Armor: 1
Shields: 50
Shield Regeneration: 10
Shield Armor: 1
Shield Regen Delay: 0
Energy: 300
Energy Regeneration: 0.8
Fighter Mode Speed: 10
Assault Mode Speed: 3.5
Active Abilities:

  • Phase Titanium: The Raptor gains 60% damage reduction from base defense structures while its weapons are firing in Assault Mode
  • Phase Titanium: While moving at top speed in Fighter Mode, the Raptor gains 20% damage reduction from all sources.

Passive Abilities:

  • Fighter / Assault Mode: Switches between Fighter or Assault Mode. While in Fighter Mode, the Raptor can only use air mode weapons. While in Assault it can only use ground.

  • Incendairy Volley (Assault Mode only) Fires a volley of 20 Incendairy Missiles at the target area dealing AOE damage equal to current Incendairy Missile Damage.

  • Aim Sidewinder Volley (Fighter Mode Only: Fires a volley of Sidewinder Missiles at the target area dealing AOE damage equal to current Sidewinder Missile Damage.

  • Shadow Clone: Creates 2 shadow clones of the Raptor in its current mode. Shadow Clones have 100% health and deal 50% damage. If a clone dies, so does the Raptor. Lasts 15 seconds.

  • Doppler Effect: Creates a Hypersonic Explosion while moving at top speed in Fighter Mode. After the explosion nearby enemies within a radius of 35 are blinded and have 50% reduced weapon speed for 15 seconds. A Phase Shield is raised on the raptor for 7 seconds following the explosion.

          Fighter Mode- Air only

  • Aim Sidewinder Missiles- Long Range attack missiles, deals more damage to non massive.
  • Plasma Burst- Short Range plasma burst which deals high damage bursts.

          Assault Mode- Ground only

  • Hellstorm Laser Batteries- Rapid fire laser batteries
  • Incendairy Missiles- Powerful AOE based missiles. 
  • Napalm Bombs- Launches 6 AOE and DOT based Bombs in a straight line. After impact, targets burn for 20 seconds.

  • Scorched Earth- Launches a massive volley of Napalm Bombs at the target area. Damage is equal to current Napalmb Bomb Damage and the effect applies an increased damage over time.

  • Weapon Optimization- Optimizes the Raptor for either Permament Fighter or Assault Mode. Once chosen the Raptor recieves advanced upgrades for that mode.

  • Phase Shield- Doppler Effect Shield becomes a permament passive. Unlocks a new shield upgrade after acheiving augmentation.

  • Shadow Storm- The Raptor can now clone Enemy or Friendly Ship Commanders. When Clones die the Raptor no longer dies.

Choose one at game start. It become available at 10,000 experience.