Base Defender

Having been used in deep space assignments, the Vanguard is now used as a planetary defense station. Capable of defending against an entire armada, the Vanguard features multiple phaser arrays, Quantum Torpedo Launchers, and docking bays for scout ships and powerful warships. It can carry up to 100 Quantum torpedos which can engage in rapid fire when necessary. Although the Vanguard has no mobility it can setup a defensive network with powerful Shielding potential. The Vanguard is a fully functional and customizable space station which can modulate its phaser, torpedo, shuttle, and warship technologies. It's primary vulnerability is its inability to move making it a prime target for a Mothership with drones or a Ragnarok's fusion cannon.

Starting Stats: 

Life: 1000
Life Regeneration: 0.39
Life Armor: 4
Shields: 3000
Shield Regeneration: 5
Shield Armor: 6
Shield Regen Delay: 25
Energy: 600
Energy Regeneration: 0.69
Speed: none
Active Abilities:

  • Political Influence: All nearby friendly ship commanders gain 15% bonus experience. Nearby enemy Ship Commanders get the opposite effect.

Passive Abilities:

  • Power Transfer: Transfers power from structural integrity to Phasers, or to Shields.

  • Metaphasic Shield: Surrounds a target unit with a powerful shield which reduces beam based damage effects to a maximum of 10 damage per impact effect.

  • Launch Runabouts: Launches a powerful Shuttlecraft which has a phaser bank and warp drive. Can earn the Vanguard influence and upgrade new technologies.

  • Launch Defiant: Launches a warship of incredible power. The Defiant has 4 Phaser Cannons, Quantum Torpedos and a cloaking device. It also features fully upgradable technology such as dual warp core, enhanced dilithium chamber, or many more. The defiant lasts 150 seconds and then it must return to dock.

  • Launch Quantum Torpedos: Choose between single target, 3 target, or 10 target Quantum Torpedo Spread. Can be used in quick succession for rapid fire.

  • Structural Integrity Field: Reinforces all nearby structures with +6 armor

  • Phaser Arrays- High powered energy beam which locks onto an enemy target and deals damage over time. Can be modulated for various combat scenarios.

  • Quantum Torpedos- Powerful Torpedo featuring a plasma warhead which explodes on impact dealing devastating damage. Can be modulated for various combat scenarios.

  • Defiant Focus- The Defiant's duration is increased and it can research an addition technology upgrade

  • Political Domination- Political Influence radius increased from 35 to 100.

  • Defensive Protocols- Structural Integrity field becomes a permament passive, and the Vanguard gains an additional Phaser Array.

  • Starfleet Black OPS- Gain access to elite Starfleet personnel that can sabotage enemy structures, Ship Commanders, and wreak havoc on enemy systems.

Choose one at game start. It become available at 10,000 experience.